The GIF on the left comes from the Jays first Spring Training game versus the Detroit Tigers. In the first inning Austin Jackson hit a long fly ball to centre field that Anthony Gose tracked down and caught over his shoulder as he was nearing the outfield wall. The GIF on the right comes from the famous blown triple play call in Game 3 of the 1992 World Series. Devon White made the catch off a deep ball to CF at the Sky Dome. As you likely know, the ball would then get thrown to first base for the second out and subsequently to Kelly Gruber at third who caught the foot of Deion Sanders as he was diving back to second base, Bob Davidson didn’t see it that way. The video of the triple play can be seen here.

The GIF is somewhat of an homage to the Up and In Podcast, where Kevin Goldstein and Jason Parks often comped Gose to Devon White because of their similar speed and centre field defence.

What’s crazy about the Gose catch, something you don’t realize at first, is that the CF wall at Joker Merchant Stadium in Lakeland is 20 feet further than the 400 ft wall at the Sky Dome in ’92. Gose is fast.